Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rambo 5 !

The rumor has spread that a fifth installment of Rambo is under negotiation!
Stallone should come back in Rambo 5.

According to Cinemablend the plot of Rambo 5 should be based on an alternative script Stallone wrote for Rambo 4, in which Rambo’s daughter is kidnapped by leaders of a - most-probably-satanic - cult.

I'm a real fan of Rambo and of Stallone's movie in general.
But well, I may but wonder how Stallone is going to star in a fifth Rambo.

I mean time's flying, there is no denying that Sly is aging (whatever suspect products he may use).

If the movie is not done in the next 2 to 3 years, Rambo's face will be quite different from what we were used to know...

Using extrapolation from past images besides state-of-the-art calculations with the help of Damien Canderle we are able to forecast the face of Sylvester Stallone in Rambo 5 (in case the movie is done in more than 2.5 years):

Rambo 1
<-- the young Sylvester Stallone in Rambo 1 (1982) Rambo 2

<-- Still young in Rambo 2 (1985)

Rambo 3
<-- Mature in Rambo 3 (1988)

Rambo 4

<--Weight of time ;-p (2007)

By extrapolating the evolution between the above pictures we can forecast the face of Sylvester Stallone in Rambo 5, was the movie filmed in more than 2.5 years:

Rambo 5 - Sylvester StalloneStallone, please for the sake of Rambo, please, please, hurry up to come to an agreement on Rambo 5 and let's launch the production of this fifth installment !


Mr said...

want to see a rambo 5 i know part 4 will be good...

aiMz said...

i guess nobody else can play that role quite as good as he can :)

can't wait to see rambo 5!

Devbinks said...

Honestly, I think he had a better, more intimidating look in Rambo IV than he did in the earlier films.

Anonymous said...

Everybody ages, it would be good to see him age/mature through more movies; even into old age, if he's up to it! I to thought he looked best in his last film (Rambo 2008).

Rambo said...

No one can deny that in his time he had the best body as far as action movies go from back in that era.

It's just a shame that they did'nt allow the amount of violence that was portrayed in his last portrayal
of Rambo,

Which i too agree he did
convincingly but if the level of blood n guts were at the same level in his previous installments would have been awesome.

All the same im not taking anything away from Sylvester he did an awesome job with Rambo 4.

I'm really looking forward to Rambo 5 and don't forget everyone ages so as long as he can pull it off good luck to him.

He did and excellent job with Rocky 6 which i've been a big fan of all his Rocky's they put him on the map as a Superstar and where he really became a household name.

So i wish him the best of luck in producing Rambo 5..Bring It On

ALEX said...

stallone still rocks,go on sly,...but soon,...v r expecting a thriller in rambo 5,than rambo4,try to make it an extraordinary movie,..based on like maniacs,(saving the people frm maniacs,.....)

Anonymous said...

go sylvester stalonne..aka rambo....#5 i will see it! and anticipate # 6 go rambo

Dominic said...

As a Rambo fan since the original i implore anyone who is anyone not to make this next movie.

The end of Rambo 4 symbolised a return to America in peace after decades of turmoil to settle with his father, what a great ending to this franchise.

If a Rambo V is to be made, then a better idea would be a pre-quel to the original First Blood, Rambo as a child growing up in Arizona half german and Indian. His recruitment draft into the army and his escapades and missions in vietnam leading us up to the start of the loner John Rambo at the beginning of First Blood.

The only difficulty here would be the casting of young rambo to win the hearts and minds of hardcorse fans.

Studios and Entertainment gurus if you read this please consider :)

Anonymous said...

What, another moronic Rambo. I guess when everything else he puts our bombs, why not try and get some attention with something that sort of worked before. C'mon. Let's face it. The man can't act. As for Rambo movies, people went to see the tried and true action not the man in the move. I just wish this guy would go away.

Anonymous said...

GO Stallone GO.. I was about 8 when I saw my first movie Rambo 2. You did amazing job, you always have.

Just please make sure that the story line is way better that it was in 1 and 4. And filming got to be better than in first one. The fourth was worst what gomes in filming in hole series. I have seened it four times and still cant remember scenes.